As a modern-day college student, there are endless opportunities to capture epic videos on your phone, such as:

  • Spring break
  • Tailgating
  • Pranks
  • Campus adventures
  • Greek Week
  • Recreational sports
  • Party antics
  • Traveling abroad

Since a lot of these videos might not be meant for all of your Facebook friends, they typically are never shared beyond your phone. Thankfully, the new mobile video sharing startup SparkReel is here to fix that. SparkReel allows you to share and forever commemorate those memories (or lack thereof) with those who appreciate them the most.

SparkReel is dedicated to sharing videos with the right groups, and you can determine if the groups are public for all or private for a select few. Groups can center around any topic, ranging from prank wars to Greek life to random campus happenings. Who, what, and how you share is completely up to you.

SparkReel’s video sharing process is just 1 step and can be used with ANY smartphone (no matter make, model, operating system, carrier, etc.). All you have to do after taking a video is email it the unique group address (ex. [email protected]) and it’s added to the group. There’s no app to download, or special device required.

Check out and get started sharing your mobile videos today!