For all things there is a season.

For summer it was beaches and sweat. In winter it’s snowballs and freezing. But for fall, that middle-sibling of seasons, the treats and experiences are a little mor ambiguous. That said, here are five autumn-specific treats to help you for the remaining four weeks of fall (I’m from Boston:  from October 25th on it’s just a light winter).

1. Cider and Whiskey

Don’t be confused with hard cider: mixing your normal apple cider with whiskey, such as Maker’s Mark, is a prime 21+ collegiate activity. It’s delicious, warming on a few levels, and oddly wholesome, like drinking an apple pie that lets you get a little buzzed. This is the perfect light-drinking drink to have on a crisp day with friends on a porch (and inside, when the porch gets too chilly.)  Your friends will be all “what’s this?” and you’ll be all “Cider and Whiskey” and if they’ve never heard of it either you’ll look like a genius, too.

2. Cozy Sweatshirts

Life is too short to wear the same $20 sweatshirt for three years. That’s not a fashion diss; it’s just you don’t know what you’re missing. There are sweatshirts out there that feel like being hugged by a cloud made out of puppies and in fall you can wear one of those bad-boys instead of needing a coat. If you wear one over a flannel shirt you’ll be ready for naps everywhere, cozier than anyone you know.

3. The Entire Northeast

If you’re a college student in the Northeast (so, half of you?) you need to get outside. Not just now, but for the rest of Autumn. Walk everywhere. Take strolls. Go on adventures. Fall in the Northeast is incredible, especially if you’re from California or one of those other “no-weather” states and you have to experience it…while you can. Not only is the fall beautiful but the winter here is harsh and unpredictable. If you’re going to want to be outside in the next three months, you better start now. Save up that sunlight and walking for your half-hibernation during the winter.

4. Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably don’t need to be told that baseball’s on. Now, though, if you don’t follow, is the beginning of the post-season and playoff races. Thanks to a new (stupid?) rule, there’s an extra playoff position meaning that nearly half the teams are in some form of contention with nine games left to play, and that’s before the playoff series begin themselves. That’s right: baseball finally, finally matters, and if you don’t care or care much, adopt a team. There’s nothing better to have in the background or a fallback option than watching the baseball post-season. It’s modestly exciting, pleasant, and familiar, and gives you an excuse to huddle around a TV doing homework with friends and whiskey-ciders.

5. Harvest Season

Back in the day, before the internet, people used to farm. They’d grow fruits and vegetables, harvest them and save them, and guess what? It’s harvest season now, and every year fruits and vegetables are better, more plentiful and best of all? Cheaper. It’s easy to forget that fruits and vegetables are seasonal when they’re available year round, but now they’re better for your wallet and stomach than any other time of the year. Go for it! Stir fry and take advantage.