Keep your mind and body in top form by making sure you’re getting enough H20.

If you were to ask a college student what they drank most, the answer is more likely going to be PBR and energy drinks than water. While it may seem obvious to some, students should always keep in mind just how important staying hydrated is to both getting the most out of time spent in class and at parties. Here are some of the reasons why you should make sure you’re getting the minimum amount of 10 glasses of water each day:

Lessen Hangovers

Whether it’s your 21-Run, Thirsty Thursday or just a regular night of partying, college students will find any good excuse to drink. Unfortunately, beer and booze will have you running to the bathroom more than anything else, and as dehydration is one of the biggest contributors to hangovers, it’s best to drink water before and after drinking in order to lessen your headache the next day. If you can, drink a glass of water for each alcholic drink consumed, and have at least a pint of water before passing out.

Stay Sharp

One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. When you rely on caffeinated beverages, your body will expel more liquid and can actually become more dehydrated, so drinking water in the morning instead of, or at least in addition to coffee will give you more energy and reduce the likelihood of getting a headache. And since water is so vital to our brain’s overall health, make sure you’re drinking H20 when you find yourself losing attention in class.

Reduce Appetite

Gaining weight while at college is ubiquitous these days, but a good way of avoiding the Freshman 15 is to make sure you’re drinking enough water. In addition to lacking the calories of soda and energy drinks, water stimulates your metabolism so you’ll be less likely to pack on the pounds. Not only that, but most people often confuse hunger for thirst, so the simple act of drinking water is often enough to suppress your appetite and keep the munchies at bay.

Prevent Indigestion

Water helps the digestive system in numerous ways, and is key to keeping your insides happy when you’ve been eating foods that are known to cause indigestion. Our bodies digest food through lactic acid, and water is essential in keeping these acids balanced, thus breaking down food more easily so as to prevent heartburn and indigestion. Additionally, water helps fiber work more efficiently, making proper hydration an essential step in preventing constipation or other bowel issues.


It goes without saying that water is vital to getting the most out of your workout, but what most people may not know is just important sweating is during your workout, and how it relates to your body releasing toxins. If you aren’t sweating a lot in your workout, it’s more likely due to the amount of water you’ve consumed than how hard you’re exercising.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your skin is an organ, and just like any other part of your body, it requires lots of water to function properly. If you constantly find yourself with skin blemishes, the answer could be related to how much water you’re imbibing. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your skin stay moisturized and maintain a healthy glow, as well as helping to flush out the toxins in your body that will contribute to acne. So if you find yourself often popping zits, try drinking more water in addition to topical treatments.