College students aren’t well known for their cleanliness, and as a result, you’re probably gonna run into a pest problem at some point in your college career. One of the most troublesome types of bugs around are fruit flies, which reproduce quickly and breed in hard to clean areas like sink drains. Here’s how to deal with these annoying creatures when you see them flying around your place:

Cut Off the Food Supply

As their name implies, fruit flies tend to be attracted to overripe or rotting fruit, but they can also find sustenance off of various other kinds of food stuffs you have lying around. Sources of food can include juice bottles, so make sure you rinse those out before recycling. If you see fruit flies hanging around a seemingly clean kitchen, check every nook and cranny around the infestation to determine the cause and remove it from your home immediately. Don’t just leave it in the trash can, either; make sure you take it all the way outside or they’ll likely stay around. After doing so, cover up any fruit bowls with saran wrap, or put fruit inside of sealed or wrapped bags.

After this is done, do a thorough clean of the kitchen, including the oft-forgotten stove wells or under the fridge to make sure they have absolutely nothing to live off of.

Catch the Lingering Flies

After their food is gone, fruit flies will likely still be hanging around for at least a couple of days. Instead of individually swatting each one, which can in fact draw the infestation out longer as the flies will then begin to feed on each other, employ methods of catching the flies with fly paper or DIY traps. One of the best methods for a college student is using a mostly empty wine bottle. Not only does it give you a perfectly valid excuse to drink a bottle of wine, but the bottles shape combined with a small amount of left over wine will trap the flies over the course of a few days. Just leave a couple centimeters of wine in the bottle and place it in the area of infestation, and you’ll start noticing results quickly.

Clean Out the Source

As mentioned above, fruit flies love to breed in drains, especially the food-caked drains found in your kitchen. Their larvae thrive in moist environments, and aren’t phased by the constant flood of water that you’d expect to flush them out. A cheap remedy is to use baking soda, salt, and white vinegar to create a DIY drain cleaner that will act like napalm to any residual larvae in your drain. Just mix a cup of salt (preferably coarse) with a cup of baking soda and pour the mixture down the drain. Then, begin pouring a liberal amount of white vinegar (at least two cups) down the drain to create a foam that will clean out the drain. Wait for the foaming to stop, and then pour some boiling hot water from a kettle down the drain to make sure they’re all gone.