Getting things done is tough. For example, it is a lot tougher than napping, thinking about getting things done, eating, smoking weed, and talking about all the great things you’re going to do. Unfortunately, that doesn’t get you places. Talk is cheap, especially in this economy. It’s action that matters.

So how do you get moving?

1. Tell Everyone

See, I bet you didn’t think about this one. Tell everyone what you’re going to do. Really, go nuts. Make sure they know the specifics, and tell your friends and ex-girlfriends. Why? So if you don’t actually do it? Well…

30% of all great acts in history were done because the guy realized it was time to put up or shut up, and, like many of us, they preferred not to shut up. Having a social deadline makes the process a lot easier and it’s filled with handy reminders.

2. Set Super Easy Goals

Do not shoot for the stars. That is terrible advice. Shooting for the stars is really, really difficult. If your goal is to get to broadway it’s not going to happen. That’s a crazy goal. The people who get to Broadway are the ones with the little dreams all tied together: get in a school play, star in a school play, get in a local play, star in a local play, get a paying role, star in a paying role, be an off-broadway backup, get an off-broadway part, etc, etc. It’s these people who have managable goals that end up in the stars. The dreamers with super high hopes get bored, lazy, and frustrated and quit when they don’t get the starring role in their school play. Don’t be that guy. Work slow and steady and enjoy achievable goals. String them together to make your dreams come true.

3. Plan For Success

Coffee, snacks, and no internet. The proper attire. Get all your tools in order and all your distractions out of the way. You should be so bored there’s no choice but to do what you love.

4. Do It.

I write, and I write comedy. I am not that great. Don’t get me wrong; I’m good. But I personally know maybe six or seven better comedy writers, and trust me, that’s a bunch. But the problem is they don’t believe in themselves. They don’t do things. I wrote a novel. My friend, a genius writer, said it wasn’t that great. He could write a better novel, he said, and honestly, he could. But he didn’t. He doesn’t like my online writing; again, he could do better, and actually, he could. But he doesn’t.

I got my first published article when I found out my friend got published, and I was so mad, I decided to submit something myself. That’s the spirit you have to have.

To quote Kanye West: “If you can do it better than me, then you do it.” It’s the ultimate passive diss, but he’s right. Wherever it is, if you can do it better, do it. Believe in yourself and do it. Look at all the mediocre people in your ideal profession; can’t you do it better? Good. Do it.