Long distance relationships seem to be fairly common for college students, and whether you are fifty miles away or 3000 miles away, distance in a relationship is definitely a barrier. Even though having a relationship with someone not geographically near you seems impossible,  it is definitely doable.  Here are seven tips to make a long distance relationship a bit easier.

Skype Skype Skype!

Technology is the main reason that long distance relationships are so much more practical for our generation. Just thirty years ago, all a couple could do to communicate with their far away significant other was to telephone them and to write them letters. Now, long distance relationships thrive on texting, instant messaging, and video chatting. Using programs like Skype can be very beneficial to a long distance relationship as it is the closest you can get to being with one another.

Mail Them Things

Everybody loves getting things in the mail, right? Especially from people they love. You can send your girlfriend or boyfriend small things like candy, a mixtape, flowers, an item to remind them of an inside joke, or go old school and actually write a letter. This is an easy way to make your significant other’s day while still being 500 miles away.

Visit Each Other

Long distance relations are so hard because you do not get to physically see your significant other. The simple solution to this is to go visit them.  Not only is this a good idea for the sake of actually seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend, it also gives you something to look forward to. This is additionally a good idea because it will break up that long period of time you have to spend without each other. If you can usually only see each other during summer and winter break, a visit during Halloween weekend will make that four month break into two two month breaks. This can make a big difference.

Surprise Visit Each Other

The only thing better than visiting your partner is surprising them with a visit.  While visiting your girlfriend or boyfriend can make their week or month, a surprise visit can make their year.  However, because you do not get to plan out all the details with them it may be wise to contact one of their friends and make sure that the time you chose would be a good time to visit, and to help you with surprising them at the right moment, etc.

Trust The Other Person

If your relationship has trust issues, a long distance relationship can be very scary. You cannot closely keep an eye on someone whom you are not with everyday.  It would not be healthy for one to be constantly worrying about their girlfriend and her guy roommates, or their boyfriend and his study partner who happens to be a girl. Strive to trust each other, and if you have doubts or questions, make sure to talk about them!

Have a Plan

Long distance relationships should be somewhat organized. For example, you want to have a plan for how you will talk to each other and how often. Whether it be texting throughout the day, or calling each other every night, or Skyping every Tuesday, or some combination of those things.  It also helps to know when you will see each other next and plan what you will do when that time comes.

Do Things Together

Just because you are physically away from one another, that should not stop you from doing things together. With a creative mind and the use of technology, doing activities together is actually easier than it seems. For example, a long distance couple could watch the same movie together while talking on the phone, play words with friends, or play truth or dare on Skype, etc.

Being far apart should not break a couple up. With technology, motivation, and hard work a couple can make it through an obstacle of distance and stay happy. If you have any other tips for surviving long distance relationships, leave them in the comments!

[Image courtesy of Dylan Howell]