While most schools and professors require you to attend lecture, there are many classes you can take without ever stepping foot in a classroom. Instead of wasting your time sitting in a lecture, you can opt for online-only classes, either through your university, or through the numerous colleges available online.

We all learn differently, and some people say they simply don’t have the discipline to take an online class, but you might not realize how similar it is to your current education set up after all. Most college lecturers simply reiterate everything you read in the book, meaning you could technically get away with skipping class if your teacher doesn’t take attendance. If that’s the case, you should go for the online options instead.

Open-Book Tests

There’s no way around this one. Professors have to allow a certain level of open book, notes, and open discussion quizzes and exams. You’ll have the whole Internet at your fingertips for research whether you’re working on homework, projects, quizzes, or tests. So even if you don’t learn the material before the test, rather than blindly picking C, you can actually research the questions and learn the answers.

Flexible Schedules

Whether you want to work full-time, party full-time, or you’ve got kids, there’s nothing quite as flexible as an online education. As long as you can devote a certain amount of time each week to your education, you can schedule your learning, studying, and homework around your life. This is a great way to escape the endless cycle of student loans.

Sweatpants and Hot Chocolate

Most of us have our sweatpants days, or even those early-morning pajama classes. Unfortunately, in many small classes it is hard to get away with not getting dressed, and your professors might give you that disapproving look. If you’re taking classes behind the comfort of your computer, you don’t even have to brush your teeth, much less your hair. Sweatpants and hot chocolate from the comfort of my apartment or even a cozy café will win out every time.

Saving Money on Transit

For those of you commuting to class, or even those on large campuses with complicated bus systems, you can save hours each week by taking online classes. I don’t know about you, but my college has different campuses spread over a 2-3 mile radius, making rainy days long and miserable. The option to sit in my dorm room or the student center with my computer is always appealing.

Self-Education Options

There are unbelievable resources online for those motivated individuals who prefer to self-educate. MIT makes a point of putting all of their course materials and lecture notes online, and leaving them available to the public. You can use this as your sole educational tool, or supplement other courses with additional online course material. Say you’re placed into an upper level course, but you’re not actually prepared for it. Take a quick refresher using free online resources and you’ll be able to boost your grade in the course without paying for another class.