1: Have an Adventure

The idea of a lazy sunday forgets one crucial thing: everyone’s free. We’re too young to let hangovers stop us from doing stuff; we have an entire day free. Friday and Saturday are about the nights: Sunday is about the day.

Go apple picking. Go on a bike ride. Do something that doesn’t involve drinking for a bit and hit up one of your wholesome items on your personal checklist. It’s an extra part of your weekend; don’t just let it slip through your fingers so easily.

2: Set Up Work

You have an entire day to turn around your weekend.

You were drinking for two nights and not really working on typing. That’s fine. It happens. But now you have a full day before the week starts to reverse the course completely and prep yourself for the week. Yeah, I know: working on a Sunday is lame. But if you do enough your entire week can feel like a Sunday. Sneak in that productivity when others aren’t and you can unwind while they panic. Spread your relaxed hours out and such.


3: Clean Up

Your house or dorm room should be a mess.

It’s the weekend, and for me personally, there’s trash and clothes everywhere. It’s pretty bad; not unusually so, but bad. But now’s the time to clean it. If you do, you can set the tone for the rest of the week: clean, solid, and ready for whatever builds up during it. If you don’t clean from the weekend though, it’s going to creep into your weekly life. The mess from the weekend is only going to grow and it’s less fun to deal with on a Tuesday. Or a Thursday.

Get off the computer and clean before your beer-cans become less trash and more a decoration. I don’t like it either. But its true.


4: Wild-Card Your Weekend

Did you miss Friday night because of some homework? Was there nothing going on at all Saturday past Netflix and pizza?

Well, you might want to wild-card your weekend then.

Use this Sunday as an occasional re-do of a weekend night. Get a bunch of friends, some brews, and a movie. Sunday means everyone’s free and most people aren’t doing anything- make it into something. Through a large get-together and see if momentum makes it a party.


5: Sacrifice It

Watch Football. Catch up on sleep. Get mad cozy.

Why not? You deserve it. Even if you don’t, you do. Why not? People ask “why not?” before doing tons of stupid things- why not ask it before doing something as benign as having some apple cider, napping, yawning, and having one enormous brunch and a small dinner as your only meals of the day. Work can wait for the work-week. Relaxing and unwinding- even relaxing from partying- is a valuable part of life. It’s also a fun one. So savor it, enjoy it, and take it for what you want it to be. Just acknowledge it as you let it go.