For incoming college students to returning ones, it’s important to invest in things that will help you on your journey through school. Here is a list of 5 things that you should consider investing in for that journey.


Have you ever heard of the freshmen 15? It happens to the best of us. Keeping a close eye on your body and staying in shape are things that are going to become increasingly important as you go through school. One of the best things that you can do for your body is to get a good multivitamin that will ensure that you’ll receive the things that your body needs to block off sickness and to stay healthy. A good men’s or women’s formula take daily will do the trick for you!

A (small) blender

This is one of the odd things on the list, but hear me out! Having a small blender- one that you can make a nice fruit smoothie in- will really help you when it comes to being healthy. It’s a relatively cheap investment that will pay dividends in the end. You can put some fruit and some juice together and make a nice snack instead of reaching for the candy bars.

If you go to your local GNC or health foods store, they should have one that will fit your needs. All you need is one that is quick and easy to use, one that is a grab-and-go kind of thing. You can make a smoothie to hold you over in between classes until your next meal.

A language reference set

English major or not, having a quick dictionary/thesaurus/grammar set that you can reference back to in times of need will be extremely beneficial. It’ll come in handy when you have papers to write or you are reading a book in your Literature class that has a ton of words that you don’t know the definition of. Plus, everybody should have a good grasp on how to correctly speak and building your vocabulary is the first step in doing that.

A car

Obviously this is something that may not be attainable for some people. But I would say that getting a reliable car that will get to from point A to point B is a great investment. It’ll allow you to go get some groceries when your fridge is bare and all that you have left is some old lunchmeat and a jug of water. It’ll also give you the ability to go home on weekends when you want to. All in all, having a vehicle allows you to go places and do things in the surrounding areas of your school.

External hard drive

This is an absolute must! Even if you get one that is smaller, like a 100GB or a 250GB one, it’ll be beneficial for your important electronic documents. Plus, backing up your computer every now and again is something that needs to happen, especially because a computer crashing in the middle of the year almost always happens.

What are some things that you have to add that college students should invest in?