If you’ve ever found yourself pining for old, 2D games from your childhood, you’re not alone. While modern video games are well and good, there’s something about the nostalgia you get when you play an old Nintendo sidescroller that far surpasses any of the joy you can get from a present day console or PC game. But with old NES and SNES systems increasingly hard to find these days, the websites NESbox and SNESbox both host a slew of classic Nintendo games converted to flash, which you can play online for free.

The websites convert the input used for the old Nintendo controllers into default keyboard buttons familiar to most PC gamers, although it will also allow you to assign keys to a joystick or a USB Nintendo controller, if you feel like making the purchase. From there, you can select to play alone or with a friend online, and may then play any game hosted on the emulator free of charge. However, to save the game’s state, you must first make a free account on NESbox or SNESbox.

Once you get used to the PC controls, the flash emulator runs great and it’s easy to fall back in love with Nintendo classics like Super Mario World, Contra III, and Mortal Kombat. An interesting feature added by the website is the ability to save and upload your game walkthroughs, allowing you to possibly show-off how quickly you were able to beat Bowser, or as a way of helping others who get stuck.

Unfortunately, the flash emulator does run into some problems when using Google Chrome since its latest update in which the game may randomly freeze, but the website does show a quick way of fixing this by disabling the PPAPI version of the flash plug in.

So if you’re nostalgic for the old days of gaming, or are wanting a new game to discreetly play in lectures, give these websites a shot.

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