Earlier this week, we told you how you could rekindle your love for the video games of old with a website that allows you to play old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games online for free. But we recently found a way for lovers of old Nintendo games to exercise their nostalgia: turning their smartphone into a GameBoy.

The free app is called GameBoy Color A.D., or GBC A.D. for short, and it allows you to run roms of your favorite GameBoy titles for free. After playing PokeMon Silver for a couple hours, I’m almost more enamored with the game now then when I was a kid. The app allows you a greater degree of flexibility than what was available with the classic handheld system by allowing you to speed up the gameplay, which is a blessing for our ADHD-rattled minds, as well as providing multiple save slots for the games as well.

The controls are also surprisingly manageable, and can be adjusted in size as well as flipped along the Y-axis for left-handed players. Best of all, the game keeps running in the background until you turn it off, making it easy to switch from the game to answer a call or send a text without having to save. The creators have also developed it to be functional with the WiiMote, so you can play your favorite GameBoy titles with an actual controller if you’re not a fan of the on-screen input that comes with the app.

While the app doesn’t provide the roms necessary to play, a quick google search for “GameBoy roms” reveals a number of sites that offer a large number of fan favorites. Simply download to your phone, locate in your file directory, and open it with GBC A.D. to begin playing.

Fair warning, however: PokeMon is every bit as addictive when you’re a college senior as it is when you were a fourth grader.