What if you could access your friends’ secrets? Your crushes’ secrets? Even your teacher’s secrets? No, I’m not talking about becoming a mind reader. I’m talking about the new iPhone app: Whisper

Whisper allows students to share and read local campus secrets. It’s similar in sentiment to PostSecret but has many key differences: it’s mobile only, it’s interactive, it removes offensive posts in real time, and it has a “nearby” feature allowing you to see who has posted something within 1 mile of your current location. Yes, that means you have the ability to put 2 and 2 together.

The cute girl from chemistry may have posted about breaking up with her boyfriend. Score! There’s a post about how everyone else also hates the teacher who flunked you last semester. Looks like there’s a whole counterculture at your school, talking about things you never talked about before: being gay, ditching class, dealing with financial aid issues, drugs issues, life issues. There’s also positive posts: engagements, falling in love, hope, success. And silly posts: “My secret is this: I pee in the shower.”

Whisper has the capacity to change your college campus because it creates a fresh, authentic community. It gives you access to an underworld of campus secrets.

Whisper is currently available on iPhone and iPad but will be available for Android later this year. You can click here to download the free App. They also have a website to view popular posts: http://whisper.sh/


So what do you think? Will this app be changing things up on your campus?