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As far as horror movie monsters are concerned, vampires have become less of a spine-chilling antagonist in favor of becoming weird, sparkly love interests that end up in a poster hanging from a teenage girl’s wall. When, how, and why this transformation from scary to sexy took place is an article for another time, but for a time, vampires were the most terrifying apparitions that we could imagine, and rightly became the subject of one of the earliest horror films of all time: Nosferatu.

W.F. Murnau’s expressionist film, first released in 1922, is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s genre-defining horror novel, Dracula. As such, the names of the characters were altered, such as the titular villain becoming Count Orlock and the protagonist is referred to as Thomas Hutter rather than Johnathon Harker. But the basic plot elements of the classic story take place; Hutter travels to Transylvania to conduct business with the mysterious count, only to have his life and that of his wife targeted by the creature as he follows Hutter on his return home. The two must then find a way to stop the vampire from wreaking havoc on their town and their own lives.

While the idea of watching a silent movie about the most retold horror story in Western culture may not interest many of our generation, the movie is well-worth the viewing as both an examination of classic film-making and storytelling and as a horror film that accomplishes much while only using only music and cinematography to instill fear. Watching Nosferatu is like watching the apotheosis of modern horror, and in an age of cinema somewhat bereft of true terror, with gross-out violence and CGI monsters becoming standard practice for any film attempting to frighten, Nosferatu  manages to still be one of the most chilling films of all time, 90 years after it’s first release. Max Schreck’s grotesque portrayal of Orlock remains as one of the most iconic images of horror that continues to resonate with the public’s collective imagination. For any fan of the horror genre, Nosferatu is required viewing.

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