1. The Internet Is Your Enemy

Don’t you dare look at their Facebook. First of all, everyone looks perfect on Facebook; happy, adventurous, good looking and drunk. You look fun on Facebook, remember? But if you look at their Facebook and start to get phantom jealousy’s over the opposite-gender friends in a few of their pictures. Don’t. Don’t allow yourself to vent, either. Don’t put up Drake lyrics or say how “You’re learning who some people really are.” Everyone’s going to see it and roll their eyes. Instead, just keep your stuff on the physical realm until you’re good enough to make good decisions on the internet. No one wants thirty tweets about how she was “the one…one huge jerk!”


2. Talk It Out…

Your friends are there for you, and all with their own personal perspective. In addition to the general helpful advice they can give you, and the perspective and knowledge they can share with you, it’s the emotional support that’s good. Let people know what’s going on and even if they don’t help too much, it’ll prevent them from hurting you: they’ll give you some slack on your day to day for a bit, or at least not bother you when you want to be left alone.


3. …And Then Shut Up.

You don’t have to feel better instantly. People are going to help and give slack. But they also have a limited patience.

The key here isn’t to shut up completely; it’s to rotate the people you talk it out with. If you spread yourself out a little further depending on how badly you feel, then you don’t have to worry about exhausting any ears. Similarly, at a certain point talking it out does all the good that it can: you don’t want to risk wallowing in anything.


4. Gain Some Perspective.

Remember the first breakup you had? Yeah, that was bad. But it was practice. Look around: people break up all the time. Everyones been there. You are not uniquely sad in the history of sadness: gain some comfort from that. Also remember everything else you have going for you: all your friends, your skills, and your newfound freedom. And don’t put her too far above you: people tend to do that with exes who dump them, building them up in their head and obsessing about their own flaws. Don’t. Things fall apart. Accept things as they are and you can move on easier. Get outside your own head and that way, looking around at the world around you, you can take a deep breath and improve further.


5. Get Ignorant.

You have friends, a fake I.D. and your college, which is the Hogwarts of life. Take advantage of your newfound freedom and if you’re going to be sad, hey, you may as well try to cheer up like you mean it. Drink with some pals and if you can manage it, start going out to the sort of parties you like better. Seeing new people will be good for you and the distractions good. Plus, alcohol in moderation’s a good personal friend in these situations. And if you’re lucky, you may even find a new person for a bit. That’s the thing; a bit. One night and move your separate ways.

After all, you’re single.

Not that bad, huh?