If you’re a college student, chances are that you’re either already looking for a job or you have in the past. Part of the job search includes interviewing a various places, all of which gives you a chance to make a great first impression over and over again. I think it’s a good idea to consistently make a great first impression, so here are 3 ways that you can do it with ease.

Set the tone

By setting the tone yourself, you’re marketing yourself through your communication skills, your appearance, and your overall attitude. When you go in for an interview, you should look the part- as if you were going to be hired today and you can start right away. This means that if you’re going to apply to change people’s oil in their cars, you should look presentable, yet ready for anything. If you’re going in for an interview as an intern for an accounting company, obviously you should be dressed up in a suit. Potential employers are going to look at how your attire is when you first walk in so playing the part is essential.

Another aspect of setting the tone is through your communication skills and your attitude. Maintaining eye contact along with applying a firm handshake is essential for this. Employers love people who can show them just how to use their communication skills to excel in the job.

Know the subject

Employers also love people who know about the organization already and have done their research prior to coming in for the interview. If you know the subject, you’re giving yourself a chance to succeed. Even when you go to a conference or some sort of career fair, it’s so good to know about the companies who are in attendance. There’s an energy that is around you when you can show that you have put in the time to know what you want to get into. People will remember your name if you were the person who did your “homework.”

Be curious and interesting

Being curious is something that really needs to be present when you’re trying to set a good example. If you ask people questions and show that you care to know the answer to the question, people will notice. You’ll begin to be known as the person who was infinitely curious, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Being interested in things sets you apart from everyone else and it gives you a chance to make a great first impression.

On the other hand, be interesting. Be someone that people want to know about. Present yourself in an interesting way. By doing this, you’re able to set an impression that people will remember, and ultimately, you’ll be able to network and connect with people who think highly of you.

Overall, making a great first impression is so important no matter how old you are or how close you are to graduating. If you’re able to do it, you’re boosting your chances of being successful.

What are some other ways to set a great first impression?