While we recently suggested using OneNote as a way to take notes quickly and easily on your tablet or computer, some people understandably still prefer taking notes with a pen and paper rather than typing. But when it comes to organizing and sharing your notes quickly and easily, many students tend to whip out their phones and take pictures. With the cameras on smartphones getting a higher resolution than ever before, it’s understandable, but not necessarily the most easy to read. Luckily, there’s a free app called CamScanner that will turn your phone’s camera into veritable scanner, allowing you to easily save your notes, clean them up, and make them easy to send.

When taking pictures with CamScanner, you can easily take photos of large quantities of notes with the batch functions. Afterwards, the app will automatically detect text and crop the edges of the photo. Then, you may select how you would like the image enhanced, such as in high enhance mode, low enhance mode, or black and white, and then the app will heighten the contrast and brightness of the picture to make it more easily legible. Afterwards, the image is converted into a small PDF file, in which multiple pictures may be merged together to make a single PDF file, that may then be easily uploaded to Evernote or other cloud storage services, or emailed to classmates.

CamScanner also adds features to help organize and save your scanned documents more easily, as it can add tags to each note and add sections into the homescreen for organization by use or subject. The app also includes the ability to password protect certain documents and also backup documents to the phone’s SD card. It can even work with Google Cloud Print to easily print the documents remotely, or directly fax it via the internet to over 20 countries.

The only downside to the app that I’ve found in the free version is the addition of a watermark saying that the document had been created by CamScanner, but this is apparently removed if you’re willing to buy the full version of the app, which also doesn’t include ads. Otherwise, I’ve found it to be extremely handy in quickly recording information that would otherwise have been a hassle to record myself, and in sending math homework to a professor during an online class. Since it’s free, I highly recommend people use CamScanner when a traditional scanner isn’t around.

CamScanner is available in free and paid versions for Android and iOS.