Whether you’re cramming for a big test, writing a paper, or just getting a little work done, an exercise break is a great remedy in times when your mind becomes uncooperative. Since beginning my weight loss journey a few months ago, I’ve attempted to keep myself up and doing something away from the computer every hour or so. Once your inner-laziness starts to creep its way out, the worst thing you can do is to sit idly by and waste time.

So when you start noticing yourself heading towards one of your time sucks (I’m looking at you, Reddit), get up and walk away without a second thought. And while you’re up and doing other things (in this case exercising), your mind will slowly revert back to your important tasks and you’ll be able to think clearer, work harder, and retain more information.

Here are three simple workouts you can do right in your room, so when that motivation returns, you’re already on top of it.

Jumping Rope

Maybe it reminds me of a simpler time or maybe it makes me feel like a boxer in a movie montage; either way, I love jumping rope. It’s an incredibly easy way to get in a quick, yet effective workout during a nice break. Some of you may not have room for this in your dorm because of height restrictions and for that I’m sorry. However, you can always pretend you have a jump rope and do the same routine. Your roommate might look at you funny at first, but at least you’re not the one lying in bed watching Netflix and downing a bag of Doritos.

Lifting Weights

A personal favorite of mine and a big reason my arm fat is turning more and more into muscle every day is lifting weights. They may just be dumbbells, but my consistency has paid off quite well for the little time I’ve put in. And with a little investment, I’m sure you can do the same. That is, if you’re not a heavy lifter or regular gym user already. So grab a few weights you’re comfortable lifting and attempt to build up over time. Don’t be scared to start off small either. Consistent effort using 5-10 pound weights is a great way to get your stamina built up, so when you’re ready to upgrade, the transition will be as smooth as possible.

Motion Games

As a former hardcore gamer, I scoffed at the Nintendo Wii upon its original release. “Filthy casuals” is what my friends and I would call those who got up off the couch and had fun with their friends and families. Looking back, I wish I had stopped thinking about the “game” aspect and actually took them serious as a fun activity to help myself lose weight. So if you’ve got any of the major video game consoles, do yourself a favor and pick up some motion games that will not only entertain you during a break, but get you up and moving, and your mind racing.

And if you play me in Wii Tennis, try not to cry after I lay a mental beat down on you  in the form of serious smack talk. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, the adrenaline of competition and exercise just brings it out in me!