Every week, HackCollege scours the interwebs to bring you the best streamable TV shows, documentaries and movies that you may have missed. This October, HuTubeFlix is gearing up for the greatest holiday of all time, Halloween, by finding some of the greatest horror movies and TV shows from around the web. 

While last week we reviewed one of the most iconic horror movies of all time, Nosferatu, this week we’re covering something slightly more ridiculous: Nazi zombies. In the 2009 Norwegian horror comedy Dead Snow, cinema’s two favorite antagonists converge to create a predictable yet entertaining blood bath that’s as fun as it is absurd.

Dead Snow‘s plot uses all the familiar horror movie tropes; a girl is being chased through the woods alone by shadowy figures before falling down a steep slope, only to become a zombie snack. At the same time, her young, good-looking friends are on their way to join in a remote cabin with no cell phone reception, a fact enthusiastically mentioned as a staple of slasher films by one character.  A mysterious old man fond of providing exposition arrives at their door to warn the vacationing zombie bait that the cabin is the site of a burial ground that houses a sleeping evil. Standard horror fare, really.

In this case, it’s where a cadre of particularly gruesome Nazi SS officers had tortured nearby locals, which lead to an uprising at the war’s end that forces the surviving officers to flee into the mountains, never to be seen again. Things kick off when they discover a cache of Nazi gold, which serves as the perfect excuse for incurring the wrath of the undead German soldiers. What follows is an hour of snow covered, chainsaw filled bloody goodness that should leave any fan of gore absolutely giddy.

Although the movie decidedly lacks anything particular novel in its content or delivery, Dead Snow’s frequent nods to past slashers shows that director Tommy Wirkola was more interested in providing a familiar horror experience than a new one. It gives you just enough plot to justify it’s silly premise, and then gets straight to the blood and guts. Zombie purists may complain that the antagonists behave a little too much like Nazis instead of the shambling, brain-craving monsters we’re all familiar with, and fans of pedantry may also gripe over the surprisingly pristine quality of their SS uniforms. But then again, logic should never get in the way of watching Nazi zombies attack attractive Norwegians, should it?

Dead Snow is available for streaming on Netflix.

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