Technology improves and saves peoples’ lives everyday, and Rave Alert is one great example. Rave Alert is a mass notification system made for businesses and other institutions, but is mostly known for its use in colleges. Rave Alert gives the administration at a university the opportunity to quickly get a hold of their students in case of an emergency or other important situations. Typically, Rave Alert is set up to warn students by sending them text messages with the information the college needs its students to know.

Saves Time

When you have Rave Alert set to contact you in case of a school-wide problem, it can in turn save you a lot of time. The college I attend got the Rave Alert system at the beginning of this term in August, and since then it has already saved me from driving down to campus twice. I received a text message warning students that the school was closed due to a power outage, and then the next week because of water problems. These messages saved me time by allowing me to stay home instead of driving down to school to learn that the school was closed.

Saves Lives

The most important thing is that Rave Alert can save your life. The main purpose of Rave Alert is to notify students if their school is encountering a situation such as a bomb threat, a suspicious person on campus, and other large emergencies. This alone makes Rave Alert worth getting for students if your school offers it, as it can actually save your life. If you know your school has Rave Alert or a system similar to it, then it would be smart to sign up to receive the alerts and stay safe.

Rave Alert does not have a full list of colleges which use its services, however, with a quick search on your school’s website, or by asking a school official, you could probably figure out if your college has Rave Alert (or something similar) or not.