With the third season of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead on the horizon tonight, I figured it was a good of a day as any to spend obsessing over all things zombies. Over the past decade, we’ve seen a real surge in zombie-related entertainment. From movies like 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland, video games like the Left 4 Dead series, Dead Island, and the upcoming standalone release of popular mod Day Z, to of course television with The Walking Dead. Zombies are taking over popular culture and it seems to be more than just a passing trend.

Today, in preparation for The Walking Dead, I’ll be giving you ideas on how to get into the zombie spirit of things and ways to become a better TWD fanboy or fangirl.

Read the Comic

I’m surprised when I learn many of my geekier friends are unaware of the fact that The Walking Dead television series is actually based on a comic of the same name. The monthly black-and-white series, created by Robert Kirkman, began publication in October of 2003. The show has followed the comic quite well so far, despite having many clear differences such as the changing of important events and substituting many of the side characters.

Don’t worry, reader, I will not take this opportunity to rant on how much I despise many of the changes from the comic. Instead, I’ll just tell you that much like the television show, The Walking Dead comic is an incredibly raw, violent, and emotional experience that will have you sickened to the core one second and crying the next.

Discuss it Online

One of my favorite rituals to perform before a show’s premiere is to head online and have some good old fashion conversation. Now, if you’ve got a large enough group of friends who follow your favorite shows, you may not have a need for this. However, for those of us who live and breath the internet, we often find ourselves needing an outlet to discuss our favorite characters or in some cases, a place to proudly display our useless knowledge. So start up a discussion on Facebook, hit up the #TheWalkingDead hashtag on Twitter, subscribe to the franchise’s subreddit, and don’t be shy to over-share tonight.

Kill Some Zombies

Whether you’re being a realistic survivalist plagued by snipers and hackers in Day Z, blindly wasting ammo and slowly killing your fellow teammates in Left 4 Dead, or playing Telltale Games’ episodic interactive adventure take on The Walking Dead, just kill some zombies today. There’s no right or wrong choice. You could even count Plants vs. Zombies, for those of you who don’t mind being filthy casuals. As long as you’re killing zombies, you’re putting yourself in the right mood for the big premiere tonight.

Of course, for the best experience, I would suggest giving Telltale’s official The Walking Dead series a chance. It may not be for everyone, but for the hardcore or blossoming TWD fan, it’s a must-play. The game features an entirely original story, so if you were expecting it to follow Rick and the gang, you’ll be disappointed.

Luckily, Telltale has constructed an incredibly gripping new story for fans. Some may find the point-and-click gameplay boring and lacking. However, for TWD fans, the amazing story of Macon, Georgia native Lee Everett and other survivors will be more than satisfying. And hey, if you’re low on cash and can’t afford the games, go find a “Let’s Play” series from one of your favorite YouTubers.