One of the hallmarks of our generation is our devotion to politics. Regardless of political association, most college students pride themselves on an understanding and devotion to politics. But this election, the emergence of SuperPACs has altered the political landscape by spending over $300 million in political advertisements, more than any election previously. As a result, this election has seen an inundation of vitriolic political ads, often touting ludicrous claims that can be difficult to verify. In order to determine who paid for a particular ad and how true its claims may be, Glassy Media has designed a free app for the iPhone and iPad called SuperPAC App that allows users to find the truth for themselves instead.

SuperPAC App works for political ads in the same way that Shazaam works for music. When watching an ad, a user holds their iPhone or iPad up to the television or computer and allow it to listen to the ad in order to identify it. From there, SuperPAC App lets the user view who made the ad, investigate the claims it makes by providing links to articles that check its veracity, and then rate the ad. Additionally, you may then look at information about the SuperPAC that created the ad, including how much money they’ve raised and subsequently spent. It also displays a map of what ads are being played across the country at an given time.

As for political beliefs, SuperPAC App’s creators state on their website they are committed to truth rather than political association, saying that they “believe in transparency and easy access to trustworthy information. Whether you lean right, left, up, or down this app’s for you.”

Unfortunately, SuperPAC App is currently only available for iOS, but it may soon be available for Android in time for the election.