A lot of places such as amusement parks, music festivals, and sporting arenas have ludicrous “no food allowed” policies.  By not allowing food, these places gain a sort of monopoly and are able to charge outrageous prices for their unhealthy food. So, unless you want to pay $15 for a greasy hot dog and a mostly-ice-filled soda cup, you have to sneak your own food in.

Carefully hide the food in a backpack or purse

Hiding your food in a backpack or a purse is the best way to sneak in food, even if the security there checks the bags. The “guards” at these types of venues will usually only feel up the edges of the bag then take a quick look into it from the top. So, you don’t want to put anything on the bottom, sides or top of the bag where they can feel or see the food and drinks. Instead, you want to put the food in the middle of something like a sweater, so they cannot feel it or see it when they open the bag. Also, if you are a girl you can hide the food as mentioned above and then put feminine products on top of what you have packed as another layer of protection. No security guy is going to want to dig through that.

Hide the food on your body

At an amusement park or another place that does not allow food inside, the security will at most check your bags and make you walk through a metal detector. The security people will not be feeling you up like the TSA does. So, hiding food on your body is fair game as long as your food containers are not metal and are not too obviously protruding from your body.  You would be surprised how much food and drink you can hide in your pant and coat pockets, hoods, long socks, etc.

Get permission

For the majority of the time, these “no outside food allowed” places will allow guests to bring in their own food if you have strict allergies, diabetes, or are  vegan.  So if you do not mind lying, you could use one of these excuses and they should allow you to bring your own food in.  However, you should check the website of the place you are trying to bring food into and check out their exact policies.

Be creative

If you do not have faith in the previous three tips you can always try something else. However, if you do try something else the key is to be creative. For example, if you are going to a water park, wrap the food in the towels you are bringing in, or if you’re going to a place that allows water bottles, then shove some granola bars in the bottles.

So, with these four tips you should be able to sneak food past any security guard, and get away from the greasy overpriced food at these types of places. However, if you think you may get caught with the food, then do not bring something that you’ll be too upset with being thrown away.