Spotify apps have done little to impress me over the past 10 months since they’ve been introduced. TuneWiki, while brutally flawed, is a great app for learning lyrics, karaoke, or discovering that you’ve been butchering many songs for years and years.

Beyond TuneWiki, however, Spotify apps are not as useful as I once dreamed they would. To my delight though, a new app called h1tchr has been making its way around.

H1tcher fetches artist information from Wikipedia articles and album information from Discogs, giving you a nice dose of knowledge in the middle of a good (or bad) listen. I’ve been reading up on my favorite artists and have had a lot more fun than I originally thought I would have with this app.

With a mixed playlist, I’ve been attempting to learn as much as possible before a song ends and the next artist’s information is presented. For instance, did you know that Jay-Z is a co-brand director for Budweiser Select? Just a nice little tid-bit courtesy of h1tcher.

H1tcher Spotify App Album Info

With the credits tab, information about the current album is unlocked from the Discogs database. Everything from artwork, engineering, producing, to even background vocals are credited. Now obviously, the information may not be available for every album, and the same goes for the artist information from Wikipedia. However, H1tcher does a great job of bringing a missing feature into the world of Spotify apps.

And if you have time, check out h1tcher’s official site where they’re attempting to map similar songs together. They’re currently in a beta invite stage, so head over and see if you can lend them a hand.

To add h1tcher to your Spotify installation, click here.