Sometimes I get the feeling that I’m against myself. Actually, forget that, I know I’m against myself. There’s a part of me who knows what he wants and is willing to work long and hard to get it. Then there’s the part of me that struggles to stop and undo all of that. I’m sure most of you are the same way. Some simply struggle with it more than others. When it came down to beginning my weight loss, that negative part of me came out immediately, berating me with reasons it would never work. Luckily, using the strategies in this post, I was able to subdue him for a time and have accepted that we are our own worst enemies.


I used to despise the “positivity” approach. In fact, I still resent it a little in the back of my mind, but if there’s one thing I’ve truly learned over the past four and a half months of losing weight, it’s that you have to change your mindset if you want to accomplish something previously thought unaccomplishable. If you’re constantly crying and whining about how tough something will be without actually trying, you’re not even setting yourself up for failure, you’re just simply failing.

For years I had convinced myself that my situation was keeping me from accomplishing any significant weight loss. And then one day I woke up and took a deep breath and took some sagely advice from my good friend, the honey badger. I didn’t fully adopt positive thinking, I just gave up the negative attitude and began to not care about failure, choosing instead to embrace it. Now when I don’t meet a goal, I no longer give up, I change my approach and strive to do things differently.


Finding the motivation that finally gets you up and adopting change is one of the most difficult things I’ve faced. The sad thing is, I could name my motivations for years, they’re unchanged. And yet any time I found myself beginning a change, I always found a way to stop myself and let old habits return. I like to think everyone is the same. We know our motivations, we know what we want, the problem is putting the wheels in motion.

Unfortunately I don’t have a magic solution to this problem. However, I have discovered that too many motivations and goals were holding me back. Instead of taking it simple, I made everything far too complex, attempting to change my entire life overnight. This way of handling things only led to burning out. So when I finally sat myself down and decided that this time was THE time, I didn’t list out each individual motivation, I just said “me”.


So we’ve discussed attitude and motivation, the two beginning factors in any weight loss journey. Now, the most important part once you’ve got those in check and have started to see results is consistency. You think you can handle it and will easily be able to keep yourself in check. Well you won’t. You will most likely crack. You may find yourself staring at a Big Gulp, a giant Starbucks cup, or a couple of empty wrappers from Burger King. Whatever your poison, it’s likely to happen. And that’s okay.

Consistency doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself or deprive yourself of everything you once enjoyed in your carefree, fatty lifestyle. It just means you need a plan of action. As I mentioned in my simple weight loss tips post, don’t rush into a diet. Ease your way in. As long as you’re decreasing your overall caloric intake and increasing your activeness, you’ll see results.

The best advice I can offer is to keep a tight schedule of your day for the first month and create a food and exercise log on top of that, tracking your calories as best you can. This will be a big motivator as you’ll be able to see how you’ve developed over time and straying from the path with a sugary drink or fast food burger will bring you guilt you never imagined possible from something so innocent.

In the end though, your consistency in your diet and weight loss will depend solely on your willpower to change your lifestyle. If you really want it, you’ll go for it. If you don’t, have fun wishing you did.

Image Source: Michael Perez