Why you might want an iPad for school.

There’s an endless debate among college students: iPad or Laptop? It used to be all Mac vs. PC, or even Desktop vs. Laptop, but those debates are long overdone. We’re now deciding between the laptop (either PC or Mac), and the iPad; however, there’s a time and place for both, and many people actually do have both. But when you’ve got a computer lab at school, doesn’t the iPad just become that much more essential? Let’s look at the benefits of owning an iPad for your college life.

Music and Movies

We don’t listen to the radio much these days, but the days of CDs are coming to a close as well. Our mp3 players, iPods, and iPads are taking over the world of portable music, and with good reason: they’re amazing. You never have to worry about sitting on the bus alone and bored when you can play your music or movies during your commute. Not to mention the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, GrooveShark, and Spotify whenever you’ve got a WiFi connection. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Save on Books

There are many out there who may not love reading on a tablet, but then again, who really loves reading 18th century novels and poetry in the first place? Rather than purchasing books for school, your iPad has unlimited options available in the iTunes store. You can use Google Scholar, the Kindle App, and your iTunes account to find novels, poems, and textbooks. If you’ve got Internet access, you can even bypass purchasing the outrageously expensive compilations of articles and Anthologies by simply using Google. Finally, the best part, you can even find PDF versions of books for free. You know what that means: Command – F.


No more grabbing of the wrong notebook for school, no more heavy bags full of binders and notebooks and textbooks and folders. We’re in a digital world now, and you can use your iPad to take the most organized notes in your class. If you don’t like typing on the screen, just pick up a keyboard with a stand and organize your notes like a pro. Save them in a folder by topic and date, or just create one file with each page dated. Either way, you can search easily through these outlines when doing assignments and essays, and your studying will be much more efficient. And, to top it off, many campuses have companies that pay students to take organized notes. Looks like you can make a little extra money, too!

Group Projects

We hate them, it’s true, but group projects are inevitable in college. You can whip out your cell phone for Google, Mapping, and email, but when it comes to documents, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations, there’s no better device than the iPad. Your laptop is also useful, but it’s not nearly as convenient to carry around, nor as quick to boot up.

FaceTime / Skype

It’s just better on the iPad. You can use your computer or your phone for Skype, and if you’ve got an iPhone, FaceTime is great too. However, the screen of the iPad is just better for video chatting, and more convenient than using your laptop. You can easily keep in touch with your friends from high school, your parents, and even your long-distance significant other.

If there’s one device you’re planning to get for school skip the $500- $1200 price tag of a laptop or MacBook, bypass the trendiness of the $299 iPhone 5, and find a convenient compromise in the affordability and convenience of a $400 iPad.