For many students of business and the social sciences, making a survey is a common place occurrence for many projects. But in the past, most students relied on free services like SurveyMonkey, which possesed limited features such as a maximum of 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. Now, a website called Eval&Go is upping the ante by allowing students to get more features than other survey tools for free.

By registering with Eva &Go on  a .EDU mail account, you get a free, specialized student account that contains all the features of a pro-account, excluding a 250 responses per month and 150 mails per month limitation, for one year. There is no limit to the number of questions on each survey, and the questions themselves are highly customizable in both design, implementation, organization, and progression. Surveys can contain matrix sliders, radio buttons, free-text boxes, drag-and-drop rankings, multiple choice, checkboxes, and more. Additionally, how the survey branches out from question to question may also be customized, so different answers to a single question may then lead to entirely different follow-up questions, thus speeding up the amount of time required for a respondent to finish the survey and reducing the occurrences of unnecessary or redundant questions. Not only that, but questions or designs may be easily saved for later use.

Eval&Go’s greatest grab, however, is when it comes to number-crunching. Knowing that getting your questions answered is only half of the battle, Intelligent Data Analysis Engine lets students easily review the results of their surveys by using various graphs and analysis tools with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The types of graphs featured are comparable to those found in Excel, and sport similar capabilities in visual customization, including 2D or 3D representations with adjustable axises across 22 different types of graphs and charts. Other features include the ability to view averages, maximum and minimum scores or values, and percentages. After creating a report of the data collected, it may then be easily exported to .PDF, Word, Excel or Powerpoint, thus drastically cutting down on the amount of time required to create a clean, visually attractive presentation.

So if you’re needing to make a survey for a class project, we highly recommend Eval&Go for providing so many features at no cost to students.