For the past 3 years or so, YouTube has become my primary method for video entertainment. The evolution the site has taken is absolutely incredible. While still a source of low quality cat videos and various America’s Funniest Home Videos rejects, the production quality of most YouTube content, including amateur content, has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Thanks to that, I’ve found more and more entertaining users to follow and my time watching YouTube videos has slowly surpassed my time watching traditional media. Because of my time spent on YouTube, I’ve explored many different hacks to improve my experience, across the many different browsers I’ve used. Since settling on Google Chrome, however, I believe I’ve found the right combination of extensions for an overall better experience. And lucky for you, I’m the sharing type.

Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Actions is a suite of YouTube site enhancements packed into one nice and simple extension. Its most attractive features include the ability to repeat videos, stop autoplay, enable auto-wide mode, and hide page elements (such as comments). The extension features a cinema mode, which enables a fullscreen theater-like experience with a backlight effect when you click on the dark video background.

I’ve been particularly enjoying the extra elements added to the comments, such as avatars and user info. As much as I hate YouTube comments, it gives the section a more personal and message board type experience. There are many more options to explore, however, for the sake of time, I’ll leave a screenshot below of all the features you’ll have at your fingertips.

Magic Action for YouTube

YouTube Ratings Preview

YouTube Ratings Preview

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos, I’m sure you’ve been duped by the related videos sidebar before. There you are, the unsuspecting user, enjoying a nice video. Probably something about honey badgers. When all of a sudden, your video’s over and you’re left with a lonely pit in your stomach. You start to feel anxious, wondering what to do next. So your eyes start to wander right to the related videos section. You’re seeing tons of videos with hundreds of thousands of views with interesting thumbnails.

Despite the choices, you choose one quickly, as you can feel the boredom settling in. The page begins to load and your anticipation begins to mount. But all your hopes and dreams are shattered when you find the video you’ve loaded has nothing to do with the title or thumbnail you saw on the previous page. You were promised boobs. Instead you get a fat guy jumping up and down while showering himself with snack packs and walnuts.

Don’t get duped by related videos and have to watch a fat guy rub pudding on himself. Get YouTube Ratings Preview and know that you’re safe from terrible and otherwise deceiving content.

YouTube Feed

YouTube Feed - Google Chrome

If there’s one thing I like to do as a power user, it’s keep up with my favorite YouTubers. I’m not the “FIRST!” type, but I do like to stay current and keep my queue clean. YouTube Feed helps me in this effort. It’s a handy little extension and the most popular YouTube extension among Chrome users. It adds a button to your browser and connects with your YouTube account to track your subscriptions and checks for new videos, alerting you when one has been uploaded. Of the three extensions on this list, this is the must-use extension for true YouTube fanatics, not that I would know anything about being one of those.

As an honorary “just for laughs”, take a  look at Herp Derp for YouTube.