As college students, we often find ourselves waiting until the last minute to do things. If you’re like me, you like to get things done ahead of time so that your days and weeks can be as productive as possible. So here are my tips to simply getting things done.

1. Get things ready the night before

If you know you’re going to have a busy day tomorrow, get everything ready for it today. I often find it beneficial to pick out my clothes the night before a long day. It prevents me from choosing it the day of and it gives me more time to do other beneficial things in the morning. Plus, when you wake up, your brain isn’t always ready to go from the get-go. So it might be a good idea to get the things ready beforehand, that way all you have to do is wake up and get ready.

Other things that you can do besides getting your clothes ready include:

  • Making sure that your backpack is filled with all of the necessary things for the day.
  • Figuring out when you have time to eat tomorrow.
  • Read for class before you go to bed as opposed to the time right before class.

There are many other things, but it’s important that you take away the fact that getting a jump-start on your day is key to being productive.

2. Eat well-balanced meals

It’s true that you are what you eat. For example, if you eat really crappy food in the morning and afternoon, chances are your body won’t like you later on, causing you to have some fatigue at night. You’ll want to be lethargic and relax, which are great things for when you’ve already accomplished everything. But if you’re like you, you’ll want to start with a great breakfast to fuel you throughout the day, a nice, lighter lunch to help you recharge so that you don’t hit a wall at 3 p.m., and then a bigger dinner so that you have enough energy to get the things done that you need to all throughout the day.

I also recommend buying some fruits and veggies that you can pack with you so that you have something to snack on in between your meals. Things like raw carrots or a cut up apple will help you and they’re both extremely healthy.

3. Shut everything out

This is so important if you want to really get things done. I often find myself too distracted in my dorm room to get things done so I go to the library and lock myself in a study room. Those rooms are normally smaller and simple: you have enough space to do your work and you are surrounded by walls, that way you won’t get distracted by other people.

Self-discipline is important to utilize here as well. If you’re one of those people whose life revolves around technology and social media (much like I am), you have to make sure that you exit out of Facebook and twitter, not to mention the Hack College page, and stay focused on everything you’re doing. In fact, it might be helpful that if you don’t need your computer, don’t even bring it with you. You won’t be tempted to get on these sites in the first place that way.

What are some of your tips on being productive? I dare you to tell us in the comment section below.