College may be one big party for some people. Others might think of it as an extension of high school. To me, college is one big experience-building interview for your future. A big part of this includes meeting new people and building great relationships for your future. It’s true that the people that you meet in college will be the friends that you have for a long time. So obviously, building better relationships is important. Here are some tips to building them.

Get out of your room

My freshman year, all I wanted to do was go to class, go to the cafeteria, and be in my room. Let me be the first person to tell you that this was easily the most boring year of college for me. I didn’t go out to any parties to attend many events that included me being around a ton of people. Sure, the transition from high school to college was tough on me but I lost out on a lot of opportunities to connect with people.

So get out of your room. Go to sporting events. Go to club meetings or student organization events. Go to any lectures that your program board puts on. Take advantage of those things because you won’t be able to once you’re out of college. Explore your campus and have discussions with people who are both alike and different than you. You’ll benefit from this tremendously. Trust me.

Find a mentor

Go out and find someone who may be in the same field that you’re going into and pick their brain whenever you can. I cannot tell you how important it is for your growth in relationship building to do this. There are people on your campus who know a lot of information that can be useful to you in your future. They have connections and advice on what to do and what not to do. The best thing about it? It’s free. College students love free things. This just happens to be something that free and something that you’ll be able to take with you anywhere that you go in your life.

Take less than you give

It’s always important to be a giver in a relationship. My only disclaimer with this is that you shouldn’t give too much because it can lead to people taking advantage of you. But when a friend needs someone to be there for them, you should make sure that you’re that person. You’re establishing trust with someone who will in turn have your back in the future. It’s also important to give to people who are in need. Good karma for you!

Be a listener

Overall, this is one of the most important things when it comes to building relationships. Nobody likes someone who sits there and talks forever about nonsense. People like listeners. They like having people around who will listen and offer input or advice that is whole and genuine. Be one of other people who can listen and have an intelligent conversation.

If you take this advice, you’ll be on the right track to building better relationships and setting yourself up for a great future.