Cleaning house can be a huge pain in your spring. At the end of the day, it’s those items that just don’t seem to come clean, no matter how hard you try. From Sundays filled with laundry to Thursday nights scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning is no fun for anyone. Fear not! Here are some tips for cleaning more effectively and efficiently.

The Blender: Soap Smoothie

Health kicks are great, except when you have to spend 15 minutes dissembling and cleaning your blender. Want an easier and faster way? Immediately after you pour out your smoothie, rinse the blender, then add soap and water, and blend away. Now you can rinse out the soap, and it’s fresh as ever!

The Cutting Board: Lemon or Grapefruit

Lemon rinds and grapefruit rinds are proven to have antimicrobial characteristics, and you can use them to clean your house without chemicals. Using half a lemon or grapefruit, scrub cutting boards clean. The extract from the rinds and the seeds can kill a large portion of germs on the cutting board. This scrubbing will break up small bits of food, and even help kill bacteria left over by raw meat or poultry.

The Baseboards: Dryer Sheet

Instead of using your expensive Swiffer rags to grasp dust and hair from the corners of the room, whip out a few cheap, and even used dryer sheets. Just dust as usual, but use the dryer sheet instead of spending a fortune on Swiffer dusting sheets. You’ll be amazed by what clings to the dryer sheet.

Glass and Mirrors: Coffee Filters

Brand-name paper towels are soft, effective, quicker picker-uppers, but when it comes to glass and mirrors, they leave a lot of fuzz behind. Some people like to use newspapers, but they aren’t nearly as clean or effective as coffee filters. And with coffee filters, you can feel any particles stuck to the glass, and easily scrub or scrape them off. They’re much cheaper and more effective than paper towels.

The Microwave & Dishwasher: Vinegar

Get a dishwasher or microwave safe container, such as a glass Pyrex, and fill it with a cup of distilled white vinegar. Simply turn on your appliance (only a couple of minutes for the microwave), and wait for the magic to happen. You can always scrub other areas clean, but this vinegar treatment will loosen the gunk and destroy the bad odor.

Couches and Upholstery: Rubbing Alcohol

First, make sure you vacuum the area, then get a spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Simply spray the rubbing alcohol onto the area and rub vigorously with the scouring side of a brand-new scrubbing sponge. This will remove stains and make your couch look new and fresh! The alcohol might leave the sofa a little stiff, so you can soften it up by treating it with a scrub brush. Scrub softly so as not to damage the material.