Every week, HackCollege scours the interwebs to bring you the best streamable TV shows, documentaries and movies that you may have missed. This October, HuTubeFlix is gearing up for the greatest holiday of all time, Halloween, by finding some of the greatest horror movies and TV shows from around the web. 

In the 2010 comedy horror film Tucker & Dale vs Evil, the standard conventions are flipped on their ear. The premise is familiar: a group of college students go camping in West Virginia and encounter a pair of hillbillies, played by Alan Tudyk of Firefly and Tyler Labine of Rise of the Planet of the Apps, as the eponymous Tucker and Dale, only this time, it’s the rednecks who are the protagonists, not the kids.

At the films start, the pair of hapless hillbillies are en route to the vacation of home of their dreams: a remote cabin located in the woods of West Virginia. On their way, they run into the group of college students. Dale attempts to chat up Allison, one of the girls in the camping group, only to unintentionally frighten her. Dismayed, Tucker and Dale continue on to the dillipated cabin which, unfortunately, happens to be in close proximity to the college student’s campground. After the kids tell a horror story about a massacre perpetrated by rednecks in the same woods twenty years prior, they decide to go swimming in a nearby lake, where Tucker and Dale happen to be fishing. Upon seeing the two rednecks, Allison becomes startled enough to fall into the water and hit her head on a rock. When Tucker and Dale save her, the college students instead believe she is being kidnapped. From there, the frightened college students escalate the misunderstanding into bloodshed, albeit in surprisingly slapstick ways.

The decision to portray the rednecks as unfortunate bystanders in a situation fueled by fear and prejudice instead of the classic trope of psychotic, bloodthirsty inbreds, Tucker & Dale vs Evil stands out as both a unique commentary on the effects of horror movie stereotypes on our collective consciousness and an altogether satisfactory gore-fest simultaneously. It both revels in the genre’s cliches while also disproving them as ludicrous, and all while Tudyk and Labine deliver memorably lovable performances as the two unlucky hillbillies. While definitely not as horrifying as some would like, its ability to mix frightening moments with humor and heart is it’s greatest appeal.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is available for streaming on Netflix.

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