Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It is the meal that fuels your brain and body first thing by provided much needed energy.  Although we all know how important breakfast is, college students tend to be some of the worst offenders for skipping it.  Let’s face it: When you have an 8 A.M. class, we’d all rather sleep in an extra ten minutes rather than eat something.

Solution?  Find quick and easy breakfasts that can be eaten on the go – allowing you to sleep in and still get the energy boost your body needs.

My absolute favorite on the go breakfast is smoothies.  These things are the easiest to make and it feels like you’re eating dessert for breakfast.  All you need is a blender (it doesn’t have to be a big fancy one either), some fruit, some almond milk or fruit juice, yogurt, and ice.  To save time, use frozen fruit to thicken the smoothie instead of ice.  Some people add oatmeal to thicken it and add more substance to the smoothie.  Plus?  There’s literally hundreds of tasty smoothie recipes online – but my favorite way to find a smoothie I like is to experiment with the ingredients I have on hand.

My favorite smoothie recipe is a raspberry almond smoothie.  Just combine yogurt, raspberries, vanilla almond milk, and banana to create a silky smooth breakfast that can be whipped up in less than five minutes.  Literally, all I’m doing is dumping the ingredients in the blender, pressing the button, and then pouring it into a reusable drink container.  You can even add protein or vitamin powder to add more nutrition to the mix.

One of my good friends likes to eat a banana and yogurt for breakfast – but with a twist.  Since she almost always forgets to bring a spoon when she leaves the house, she dips her banana into the yogurt.  She is able to eat both the banana and the yogurt with ease while she walks from her dorm to class.

Another good option is to toast a whole wheat slice of bread or frozen waffle, and then top it with peanut or almond butter and some honey.  The peanut or almond butter provides some protein and will help keep you full for longer.  Plus, it can be eaten with one hand – perfect for munching while running to class.

If you happen to have a waffle iron, you could stick a bit of biscuit dough (the kind that comes in a can and can be found in the refrigerator section) into the waffle iron.  Then let it cook for a minute or two and you’re done.  I like to top mine with a little butter and honey to make it a little sweeter.

Oatmeal is also a good option for on the go eating.  Although it requires a spoon, oatmeal is completely customizable to not only fit anyone’s taste, but provide lots of variety so you don’t feel like you are eating the same thing every day.  I like to add maple syrup to my oatmeal for a delicious sweet flavor that reminds me of waffles.  You could also top it with any fresh or frozen fruit that you have on hand and/or some nuts.  Add it to a reusable container and go.

What is your go-to quick and easy breakfast?

[Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Chris Radcliff and used with a Creative Commons 2.0 License]