We, as college students, are procrastination machines. It’s almost like a disease that lives inside of us in a way. When we have a paper that’s due in 5 days, we wait until at least the 3rd day to even look at the requirements of the paper. By the 4th day, we start to write it. By the 4th night, we’re losing sleep in order to get it done. It’s in our genes. But do you think procrastination can hurt you? Some may not think so. Here’s why I think those people are wrong.


As a college student, you don’t have time to procrastinate. I mean, you might think you do, but do you really? No. If you’re taking a full course load, you’re working (on or off campus), and you want to attempt to have a social life AND make time for yourself, you’re not really going to have time to procrastinate with anything that you do. It might also be important to sleep every once in a while, which takes up a good portion of our lives too. So when you have the time to get things done, do them. You’ll thank yourself later for it.


You might think that it doesn’t require much energy to wait until the last minute but I’d disagree with you. Think about you. You’re waiting until the last minute to do something that you could get done with time to spare. Why waste your time? You’re going to be pouring all of your energy into something that you really could have focused on over the span of days. This will take quite a bit of energy from you, not to mention time. You’ll be neglecting all of those other things that you have to now push aside to finish one thing in the span of one night. Not a good idea.


What happens if you’re working on something that you waited until the last second to do and then the opportunity to do something that only happens once in a lifetime comes along? What do you do then? Leave the project that you waited until the last minute to do or go and do that once in a lifetime thing? Better yet, just don’t even put yourself in that situation. Don’t miss out on opportunities because you waited until the last minute.


Do you want to be known as the student/person who waits until the last minute to get things done? I don’t. Maybe you don’t care, but consider the future that you’re laying out for yourself. If you hold this trait down in college, who’s to say you won’t get rid of it once a real job comes along? If you practice getting into the habit now, you won’t have to worry about it later because everything will be in line. Nobody likes a slacker. Try not to become one! Give yourself ample time to get things done and stay on track for a great future.

What are some other things that could potentially hurt you when it comes to procrastination?