It’s okay to admit that you care. Admitting and accepting that you care is the first step toward the goal of not caring. Specifically not caring about things that hold you back. In this case, I’m referring to weight loss. It’s something I’ve struggled with because I used to care about my appearance and the general public’s perception of me. This caused me to be less exposed, which lead to little or no exercise, over-consumption, and an extreme lack of confidence.

Then one day I woke up and decided instead of not caring about myself and my health, while caring too much about what others think, I’m going to pull the old switch-a-roo and start caring about myself and not caring about what others think (I spoke of this previously in my post on weight loss inhibitors). Because life’s too short to be concerned with the affairs of others. People will have their thoughts about you and if they’re negative, you’re not likely to change them, so it’s best to simply focus on yourself and the positive influences in your life. And by all this I mean: haters gonna hate. It’s a good thing I don’t care, because after saying that, some of you probably hate me.

These are the first steps to becoming a weight loss honey badger. Because the honey badger doesn’t care. It’s nature’s ultimate representation of the ability to not care. When it wants something, it goes for it without worrying. Now, for your safety’s sake, please don’t take the honey badger approach with everything in life. There are many situations that deserve your care. However, with situations such as weight loss, caring will hold you back.

Here are a few examples of situations where the honey badger approach can help save the day:

  • It’s early, you’re still a little tired, you figure it’s okay to sleep in, maybe skip a day of exercise. You think the honey badger skips days? No. The honey badger gets his stuff done. Maybe it had a bad dream the night before and is really not feeling well. It doesn’t matter, the honey badger gets up and goes to raid a beehive or kill some snakes for breakfast.
  • Say you’re at a family get-together and your grandma’s putting on the food pressure. “You’re getting so thin,” she states with a smile. Yeah, you probably are getting thin. Want to know why? Because you’re thinking like a honey badger. “You should eat more,” she says, pushing a plate of pumpkin pie in front of you. You’re probably thinking you could get away with it, even honey badgers have families they have to please every once in a while. Wrong. The honey badger would politely decline grandma’s evil pressure and would state that it’s full and couldn’t possibly eat anymore.
  • So the gym’s a little crowded today. You’re debating whether or not to drive off and come back tomorrow at a better time. You think the honey badger cares about a crowd at the gym? Nope. The honey badger rolls right in there and gets things done. And it looks good doing it too.

The whole point of the honey badger approach is to rid yourself of a mindset that’s unhealthy and inhibiting. Once you adopt the honey badger mentality for your weight loss goals, you’ll slowly develop a sense of accomplishment, beyond the physical that you’ll notice from your hard work and dedication. I get this successful feeling when I make a honey badger decision. It’s as if I’m defeating an inner-demon whose goal is to hold me back from anything and everything I truly want. And that’s a great feeling, so do yourself a favor, stop caring, stick to your diet and exercise routine, and enjoy being one of nature’s most interesting creatures.

Image Source: Wire and Twine