If you really want a costume to remember, check out these great costumes for this year. Some of them are a lot of work, but remember, pictures last forever!

Toy Soldier: You know those little green soldiers from your childhood and Toy Story? When this is done with commitment, it can be one of the most epic Halloween costumes of your life. You should also make a little connected foot stand for the pictures, but prepare to carry that around for most of the party.

Six-Pack: If you’ve got five fun friends, you can dress up as a six-pack of your favorite beer and become the life of the party. It’s better to make this one yourself, so just gather up all of those empty beer cartons and turn them inside out, then staple or tape them together. You can reserve one for the label, or if you’re really creative, you can get some markers or paint and create the label yourself. If you’re really committed, you can use duct tape to make removable plastic loops for each beer.

Ghost Busters: This is another great group costume, but it’s probably best to order this one online. For the guys, you’ve got a ready-made line that doesn’t sound so creepy anymore, and you can improvise the beginning, “when you’re lonely tonight…who ya gonna call?”

Traffic Light: This is my current favorite for the ladies. You can make it as modest or vixen as you want. Go to Home Depot and get three Tap Lights. Color each one red, yellow, or green. Then you can use glue and duck tape to secure them to a piece of cardboard. Get some comfortable string, or a thick strap and attach it to the cardboard so it can be hung around your neck. Dress in all black and you’re a traffic light! The best part is that you can literally give guys the green light…or the red light, throughout the evening.

Harold and The Purple Crayon: This is probably the all-time best Halloween costume for people in cold climates. You will be the most comfortable person at any party. I’ve seen this done as a couples costume before, but it’s really better for an individual. Just get some blue footie pajamas and a purple crayon. You can even make a large fake one using a paper towel roll and some construction paper. Hint – if you make a large crayon, keep it hollow and secure the bottom, then you can use it as a place to stash your cash, ID, and cell phone!

Last-Ditch Efforts

For those of you procrastinators, here are a few last-minute sheet ideas to keep you from spending Halloween dressed up as a “drunk college kid.”

Greek God/Goddess: All you need is a white sheet, flip flops, and some gold string or rope. Tie the sheet into a toga, wrap the gold fabric (brown belts work too) around your waist, slip into your flip flops, and voila!

Flintstones and Rubbles: Again, all that’s really needed is a sheet of the proper color. If you’re going for Wilma or Betty, all you have to do is cut the sheet and cinch the middle with some sort of string. Ideally, you can use a piece of the sheet so that it is the same color, and just tie it flat around your waist. A little make up and jewelry and you’re done! Barney is pretty simple as well. For Fred, you can just cut the sheet to the appropriate shape and safety pin the circles on, or draw then on with a permanent marker. The most important part of all of these costumes is the bottom – make sure you cut the zig-zag triangle hem!