Amazon has begun to test an alternative to the $79 per year subscription for the company’s Prime service. Amazon Prime originally began as a free two-day shipping service aimed to give heavy online shoppers a way to save. It has since evolved to include a large library of streaming movies and television shows.

Unlike its major competition, Netflix and Hulu, however, Amazon did not offer a monthly subscription for Prime. That has all changed as of today though, as the company announced they’ve begun testing a monthly alternative to yearly pricing. And could you guess the monthly plan? A shocking $7.99 per month. In case you were wondering, yes, that’s the same price both Netflix and Hulu charge for their services.

The one thing Netflix and Hulu don’t offer, however, is the added benefit of Amazon’s two-day free shipping service. And with cable subscriptions falling each and every month, Amazon is clearly looking to bring in as many new user of those cord cutters as possible by offering the service for a smaller upfront price.

So if your free student trial is up and you’re unsure if $79 upfront for a year worth of Prime is worth it, you’ll be in luck soon when Amazon decides to roll this membership option out to the public.

Let us know in the comments if you think you’d be more likely to subscribe to the service with a monthly instead of yearly subscription.