The Container Store, Target, and IKEA have some amazing ideas for organizing your home, but before you shell out your next paycheck for simple little things, consider these great ways to organize your home with stuff you already have!

Cords: We all know you’ve got dozens of pesky cords lying around the house, or haphazardly thrown into a basket in the corner of your living room. Rather than losing track, use a paper towel tube or a toilet paper tube to keep them from getting tangled, and simply label what they’re for! Next time you need to charge a camera, flashlight, Kindle, or computer, you’ll spend about 3 seconds looking for the right cord!

Holiday Lights: Most of us spend hours trying to wrap our holiday lights appropriately, but come next year, they’re a jumbled mess again. Try using a plastic clothes hanger instead. Simply wrap the lights around the hanger, top to bottom in one direction, and then cover the first layer by going in the other direction. Secure with a clip, twist tie, or rubber band, and voila! No more tangles.

Hair Elastics, Head Bands, and Bobby Pins: The hair elastic is the single most elusive item of any girls’ grooming kit. You buy a pack of 20, put on your wrist and use it for 6 months, and then never see the others again. You can solve this with a small carabiner for all of your looped hair items. Simple and fantastic! Oh, but, I might have spoken too soon when I said hair elastics are the most elusive; bobby pins are the most elusive! Keep your bobby pins from exploding all over your vanity with a simple mint container! Tic-Tac containers work great, and you can easily get just a few out at a time. I’ve also used Altoids containers and most frequently, empty prescription bottles.

Hangers: When we pack for a big move, transporting hangers is a gigantic hassle. If we throw them out, it’s a huge waste, but if we toss them in a box, it will take forever to organize that mess. Some people use tape, but the tape residue often stays behind, and gets stuck to your clothes for months. Instead, pull out a stack of like-size hangers, and put a rubber band around the top hanging part, wrapping multiple times. You can add another rubber band to each side to ensure they won’t move. This is especially good for hangers with tank-top grooves.

Pasta: Bags and boxes of pasta are a pain. You never seem to use an entire box, but you hate to leave it open in the cupboard. For long pasta, like spaghetti or linguini, store the leftovers in a Pringles container. For boxes of short and curly pasta, fold the sides of the box in, like you would a paper grocery bag. Then fold the top over and secure it with a large binder clip or chip clip! And for those annoying bags of pasta, save your plastic creamer container, clean and dry it thoroughly, then store the pasta in the easy-to-pour container!

Wrapping Paper: You may have all of the Christmas storage bins in the world, but when it comes to wrapping paper, it’s always a disaster. Want a quick way to keep it together for next year? Fasten a paper clip to each end of the tube to keep the loose paper in place. Then store it in your original storage container, or standing up in a new tall garbage can for easy perusing. Keep the tubes together with a simple loose bungee cord or an old shoelace.