If you’re a college student in the Northeast like I am, I don’t have to tell you it’s snowing. A bunch. For all the kids further away, rest assured, the snow is coming. And if it isn’t coming, hi, UCLA, want to trade for a bit?

Regardless, weather you’re freezing now, will be freezing soon, or are never freezing because it’s freaking California, these are the winter tips you need to get you through the weather.

1. Set Up Your Base

Walking around campus was easy in the spring and fall, wasn’t it? Not so in winter. In case you forgot, winter reduces your radius. Your friends who live on the other side of campus? Dead to you. What was a fine twelve-minute walk is now a terrible twenty-minute trek in the sneezing, coughing cold. Huge, huge difference. Similarly, people are less likely to go out to parties, knowing the travel issue is so difficult, that they’ll have to figure out the coat situation (frats rarely/never have coat checks with attendants, oddly). That means your room is going to be a lot more familiar to you than it already was. If you were planning on meeting a lot of cute girls, rest assured: no one is that cute in the winter, and no one is meeting anyone. Follow the Ned Stark lead and be aware: winter is coming.

2. Get Supplies

You are going to need a warmer sweatshirt than your fall sweatshirt, a good jacket/coat, warm shoes, warm socks, and a beanie. Scarfs are optional; I’m not going to sit here and tell you to get a scarf, but depending on how fancy you dress, maybe you can pull it off without looking like an idiot (I can’t.) If you can reduce the misery of the weather suddenly your travel issues don’t seem so difficult.

3. Find Reasons To Live

This sounds pretty dark, but let me explain. If you don’t have a reason to do something on a spring day, it’s whatever. Your friends will text, or you’ll text them, or you’ll go for a walk to get burgers, or whatever. Not so in winter. In winter it’s all too easy to fall into a social and personal hibernation. FORCE yourself to get to the gym. MAKE yourself go get hamburgers. I know it’s cold. But if you don’t keep moving and living your going to freeze out of your life.

4. Embrace The Upsides

Hot chocolate, Christmas music, and hitting your least-favorite room-mate with a snowball are all some of the pleasures of the cooler season. Similarly, it’s a wonderful excuse to stay in drinking whiskey mixed with apple cider.  There’s something nice about the cold chill, and, assuming you got a flu shot, less reasons to worry about it. You can eat what you want and disguise it under a coat, you can watch the NBA finally instead of the absolutely morbid Baseball season (I’m a Sox fan) and, of course, you can look forward to the summer with a twinkle in your eye.