According to a new study by Millennial Branding and, college students are not using the power of social media to develop their careers while in school.

Over 200 students were surveyed for the study. Of the participants, 85 percent believe internships are important for their future careers, yet only 34 percent have LinkedIn accounts. LinkedIn being the largest professional social network and a hub for both employers and job seekers. The site is “a primary online mechanism for connecting to internship opportunities,” the study claims.

The study shows that despite the current generation growing up with the internet, they do not understand personal branding and do not take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers to promote themselves for their future professional lives.

The lack of personal promotion online is not the only type of future professional development students lack, the study hints. Only 29 percent say they have received career help from their university, only 22 percent are involved with professional development groups or groups related to their career choice, and only 20 percent have taken or would be willing to take a course on social media.

Editor-in-Chief of, Dean Tsouvalas is quoted in the study as saying: “College students are missing out on a very valuable resource by not leveraging LinkedIn. Internship opportunities, and the ability to network alumni or gain incredible insight into a company, are all there, waiting for students to take advantage.”

So students, are you taking advantage of social media to promote yourselves? And do you feel you and your fellow students lack professional development skills? Let us know in the comments.

Image: UWW ResNet