You probably know how hard it is to impress recruiters with hundreds of qualified resumes landing on their desks. Tyba helps you do just that. is the professional network for students and recent grads where you can not only show your academic and professional potential but also showcase your personality and organizational fit. It was founded by students of IE University in Madrid, Spain and it has successfully raised $250,000 expanding its team to 12 members from 8 nationalities who are working now in the company’s office in Madrid.

Success is not determined by individuals’ internal sets of skills, motivations, and interests, but, rather, how effectively they are arranged, crystallized, and labeled.
- Anand Giridharadas, The New York Times

We are most interested in what people are like, what they are like to work with, how they think.
- Christina Cacioppo, Union Square Ventures via The Wall Street Journal

The classic resume is dead. Recruiters get hundreds of PDFs for each job offer they post which look all the same: A bland, boring, black and white page with information about the candidate’s studies, internships (if any) and languages. This is not enough information to do a first filtering and recruiters admit that a lot of excellent candidates are left out from the selection process due to this. Tyba gives you the opportunity to stand out among these candidates and impress recruiters to assure an interview with the company you want to work for. It provides you with a platform where you can build your own personal website in less than 10 minutes without any prior technical knowledge. In this website, you can show your interests, favorite books, skills, certificates and any files like presentations, videos, spreadsheets or other documents that will allow you to demonstrate your real professional potential.

According to a Microsoft study, 89% of recruiters use Google to assess candidates. Search engine results on students normally show Facebook and Twitter profiles, usually giving recruiters access to inappropriate pictures and tweets, and in some cases a Linkedin profile which basically says the exact same as your resume. In other words, in most cases it either hurts your image or it does not improve it. Your Tyba website will rank among the top Google results for your name, thus giving a much more professional impression than your Facebook or Twitter profile. If you decide to get your .com domain for your Tyba website, it will rank even higher.

Personality, organizational fit, creativity and communication skills are becoming the most important factors for recruiters to decide on candidates, according to Reppler. On the other hand, the most common reasons for recruiters to reject a candidate based on what they found about them online are inappropriate photos and comments and having poor communication skills. These are all things recruiters look for on Google because your resume is not enough to express it. Tyba covers this gap becoming your new resume. Your resume does not represent all your potential.  It does not represent who you really are. With Tyba, you can start impressing recruiters by showing them all the strengths and intangibles you own.

To be blunt, if you hack college but are not able to hack the job market, you’re screwed! So, elevate your professional potential with Tyba and land the job of your dreams.