A few weeks ago, I told you about Task Hammer, an Android app that turns the usual dull task of task management into a game by throwing in character creation and a leveling system. In that post, I mentioned EpicWin, a premium, more sophisticated app with very similar features. Unlike Task Hammer, however, EpicWin is extremely polished in its design and offers more features for the user’s convenience and immersion.

Launching EpicWin is an exciting task all on its own. The app’s short intro makes me think I’m about to play some cool game on Newgrounds instead my actual intention, adding a boring task to my to-do list. However, unlike with your typical to-do app, I’m not even adding tasks, I’m adding quests. That’s right, while you and your friends are slaving over your boring tasks and checking them off, feeling lifeless and without purpose, I’m completing quests to strengthen my character and progress my journey. All the while collecting tons of gold and awesome loot.

EpicWin iPhone Set 1

The immersion of EpicWin is seen in more than just its glorious design, quests, loot, and character leveling. When marking a quest as complete, you’re not just nonchalantly checking it off like a normal task, you’re fighting it for much-needed experience points. This is done by holding a finger down on the gold badge on the right side of each individual quest. After a quest is completed, it is sent to the “Beaten” section, where you can review completed quests and have the option to add them back to your list. This is convenient for tasks you find yourself doing often, but not consistent enough for the repeat function.

Getting started with the app is simple. You choose a character type, give it name, and you’re ready to begin your epic quests. The five character types are ones you’d typically expect from classic RPGs, with a couple of exceptions. The typical classes being Dwarf, Warrior, and Warrior Priestess; the exceptions being Skelly (an affectionate name for skeleton) and Treeman Berzerker. I was tempted to choose Treeman Berzerker as my class, simply for its uniqueness as a character, but I have a thing for dwarfs.

EpicWin iPhone Set 2

By tapping the pencil icon in the top left corner of the quests section, you can begin to add your tasks. The options offered when adding a task are what you’d expect from a typical to-do app, with the added game-like features. For instance, instead of tasks being set by priority, you’re given the option to choose the “epicness” of each task. The lowest setting being 100 and increasing in increments of 50 until you reach 300, the highest offered. The number you choose as a task’s epicness is the amount of experience points you’ll receive upon completion. And just as it is on its Android clone, Task Hammer, EpicWin features character attributes you assign to each task. The attribute you choose will be the one that increases upon completion.

Overall, EpicWin is more than just a beautiful, fast, and productive to-do list app, it’s a fun way to get things done. While Android users will have to settle for Task Hammer, iPhone users can begin their journey now by purchasing EpicWin from the App Store for $2.99.