The common cold is a common problem. I’ve got one. You’ve probably got one or, at the very least, are in a class with a sneezer who is going to give it to you. So the question is: how do you handle it? Well rest assured: my own wheezing coughing frame has tons of advice learned the hard way.


1. Take it Easy

The gym is a good thing. It is not a good thing when you’re sick. Yes, even a little sick. Besides the idea of strain on your body which is either aching or will ache- colds do that, remember- you’ll prolong the sickness, plus you’ll run the risk of getting some of the other people in that crowded building sick. Don’t care about others? You run an increased risk of getting sick from that stuff then. It’s a place full of sweat, sweating people, and more colds. Avoid it until your immune system recovers.


2. Fluids

Other than drinking water (which you should be doing) fluids remain an important factor in a lot of ways. Hydration is key, first of all, and you should similarly avoid swapping bodily fluids during the illness. Maybe they won’t get sick, maybe you’re both sick, but don’t forget: your performance is not going to be up to snuff. Similarly another few important fluids to keep in mind are soup and tea, which are magical in their healing abilities and easy to make and, of course, Nyquil, which will, in a pinch, let you sleep even with that hacking cough.


3. Pick Your Battles

Don’t skip class with a cold, even a bad one. No one is going to believe that as a good excuse. If, however, you can’t last the whole class, show up, cough a bunch, and excuse yourself. Full credit for the attendance. Similarly, you may have a really hard time sleeping at night with your hacking cough. If that’s true, like it is for me, take naps when you can. Sleep isn’t promised, so stock up, homie.


4. Get Your Work Done

You’re going to get worse before you get better, so procrastination, our good personal friend and frequent go-to becomes more difficult. Get your work done. The future isn’t promised for your health, so get as much done as your body will let you. At the very least get started, with notes or whatever, flash-cards while you’re watching Netflix in bed. Otherwise when you do recover, you’re going to be in for a bit of a nasty surprise.


5. Avoid Vices

Don’t smoke; marijuana or nicotine, it’s going to bother your throat more. Don’t drink alcohol; it’s bad for your immune system and besides, you shouldn’t be out partying anyway. I know it’s lame but the sooner you recover the sooner you can get back to those vices with a vengence.


6. Call Home

There’s nothing like having your mother’s sympathy to help you get over a sickness. You’ll sound all cool and tough when you tell her, nah, you’re mostly fine, and that ego boost helps your immune system. It’s science. Also, maybe she’ll send you a care package, or at the very least, some real cash-money. It’s worth a shot.