Looking for an apartment just got a lot easier with the launch of the Lovely app for iPhone. Originally a web app limited to the San Francisco area, it launched nationwide last month. The service offers a collection of over 275,000 entries from over 7,500 cities. The app excels in filtering listings based on neighborhoods, making it the perfect companion for college students searching for the best apartments in or near big cities.

Like the web version, the app shows a map of the city you’re searching with color-coded and numbered blips marking each specific entry’s location. Zooming in on areas will give you a street-by-street view of listings, a convenient feature if you’re looking to live as close to school, work, or friends as possible.

Lovely iPhone App

On top of neighborhood filtering, Lovely’s new app can create alerts for those areas you’re most interested in searching. This allows users to stay on top of the freshest listings available, despite their location and without the hassle of constantly refreshing Craigslist. The web version integrates with the app, so favorites you add on the web will show up on your phone. It’s a nice little addition for the sync-addicted on-the-go types. The app also allows for quick contacting by making the contact information for landlords or management companies available at a tap (provided that information is available, of course).

Lovely is a great little app for those looking to be smarter apartment hunters. It may not have an amazing database of nationwide listings yet, but for the big city hunter it’s perfect. And it’s available for free on the App Store.