I’ve had trouble sleeping on and off for years, so much so that I’ve definitely found myself oversleeping for class more than once, or completely unable to sleep at all. Overtime, I’ve learned that not everyone needs exactly 8 hours of sleep a night, and that its entirely possible that my REM cycles last more or less time than what most people consider normal. But unless I decide to have a sleep study conduicted on me by a doctor, its always been a little hard to tell. Thankfully, there’s an app designed to optimize how you sleep, and make sure you’re getting the most restful night possible.

Sleep as Android is designed to both monitor your sleep, ensuring that you get the most restful sleep possible and never oversleep. In order to get it to work, you simply place your Android smartphone next to you while you sleep with Sleep as Android’s “Night Mode” activated. From there, the app will begin monitor the amount of activity you make while sleeping using your phones accelerometer in order to gauge how deeply you’re sleeping. Increased amounts of movement will tell the app how deeply you’re sleeping, and with the Smart Awake feature, it will then wake you up within a set time period when it detects you’ve entered a period of light sleep once again. Then, even more brilliantly, you can set the phones alarm to use a series of CAPTCHAs or simple math problems in order to make sure you’re actually awake.

After you’ve woken up, you can then view Sleep as Androids sleep graph in order to view how long you were in REM sleep for, and even hear sound clips of any noise you make while asleep like sleep talking or snoring. Using this information, you can begin planning how long you actually need to sleep a night, whether it be 6 or 9 hours a night. The app will even help crunch the numbers for you, as after a few uses it will begin to calculate your average amount of time spent asleep, and then the amount of sleep debt you have gained or lost as a result.

If you’re an insomniac like me, definitely give Sleep as Android a try. It does cost $1.99, but only after a two week trial period that should be more than enough to convince you of how useful it is.