College students around the world often find themselves having free time… Okay, so maybe that last sentence isn’t exactly true. But I think we create free time for cool things, like websites that can hold out attention span for longer than 30 seconds. As crazy as it sounds, there are sites out there that you can spend time on that are probably way more productive and entertaining that refreshing your Facebook ‘home’ button.  Here are a few that will help you with that.

TED Talks

TED Talks is seriously the best site if you want to be inspired. There are talks on there that range from 5 minutes to an hour that will make you think, reflect, and say to yourself, “I never thought of it that way before.” Chances are, you really haven’t thought of some of the things on there before. That’s what makes it so interesting. There are so many different talks, under a variety of genres, which will leave you clicking onto the next video that looks interesting. Before you know it, you’ll have spent hours watching some great stuff. Definitely worth stopping by.


This site is great if you love music and you’re into disc jockeying. Or even if you want to listen to a great beat while you study. You can mix up different beats, voices, melodies, choruses, and effects to your own liking. Make some music, impress your friends, and switch it up!

Do Nothing For Two Minutes

This is a great site for when you just need to relax for a couple of minutes, quite literally. You go to the site and you can’t move your mouse for 2 minutes or else the time will start over. This site is especially great if you’re angry or upset. Just go to it and relax for 2 minutes so that you can refocus your energy and figure everything out. Not to mention there are soothing sounds of waves in the background, so make sure that your speakers are up to a good volume.


I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent stumbling across the interwebs with this site. It’s fairly popular, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who still don’t know what this site is. In a nutshell, you just stumble across things on the Internet that are great. Once you go to the site and create a profile, you can pick your interest areas and start stumbling around websites that are centered on those interests. It’s a genius idea; I don’t know how Albert Einstein didn’t think of it. Check it out.


Yes, I put this on the list. No, it wasn’t a shameless plug. Okay, maybe it was just a tiny bit. But I think that you all should really take a look at some of the posts that we have from a year ago. Even 6 months ago. It would really benefit you all to see some of the stuff that we’ve posted. Go on a dig, we don’t mind.

What are some other sites that you have in mind?