Thanksgiving is upon us, and it’s my favorite holiday. There’s food, family, and a country-wide excuse to lounge on couches. But it isn’t all fun and games on Turkey Day, and I’m here to guide you through the pitfalls you may walk into as a college student.

1. Drinking Is A Trap

One of the prime joys of coming back from college is the knowledge that now you can drink good stuff, all on your parents dime. A glass of wine or three and all the Sam Adam’s Seasonal you can stomach. It warms you up, makes family more fun, and it’s tradition. What could be better?

The thing every college student forgets though is the differences of cultural drinking. In college, it’s acceptable to drink in bulk and quickly but at home, not so much. There are much fewer keg-stands in suburban homes. Similarly, everyone thinks your fourteen. Sorry, but it’s true. Your older siblings, parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents; all of them think you’re younger than you are. So while they’ll encourage you to drink and crack a beer with them, be careful not to let one or two slip to five or six like it would in college: even in this celebratory atmosphere, different non-college standards apply and suddenly it’s “inappropriate”  to chug the wine and rap-battle your uncle. Squares.

2. Avoid The Classic Pitfalls

Do not talk to your parents about politics. Do not try to explain to them how majoring in “Rap Battles” is a solid post-college plan. Do not get caught smoking weed before thanksgiving so you can eat as much as possible and then you’re just giggling at the cranberry sauce. Instead, make it easy on yourself and keep it simple: family, food, couches.

3. Get Fresh Air

You will go stir crazy.

This isn’t a “maybe” type deal. Even if you don’t notice it until you’re scratching at the windows, you’ll end up feeling cooped. It’s inevitable. So go out for walks and get fresh air, fresh blood, and different people and things to do than sitting with family digesting. That’s fine for a little while but around hour three you start to feel like you’re decomposing.

4. Be Prepared.

When it comes to the holidays, even if you enjoy them, there are downsides. Being with your family can be stressful for everyone. As a younger sibling, you may resent being thrust into the child-role again. As an older sibling, you might get tired of being held to an unfair standard as a model for your younger ones. As a middle sibling you may be resentful because, ha ha, you’re the middle sibling. Either way, you may experience stress and- gulp- feelings. Relax, accept them, and move on. Just don’t be caught off-guard.

5. Have Fun

It’s not about lists, worries, or anxieties in the end. It’s Thanksgiving. Have the extra piece of pie. Nap. Mix some whiskey with apple cider. Enjoy. It’s one of the prime joys in life to just decompress from all the stresses of college life and to recenter yourself fully. Do it and vibe it out.