Today, on Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some things that all of us college students can give thanks for even after the holiday is over, the turkey is devoured, and the naps, football and leftovers settle on us. Some things to be thankful for include…


1. College

There’s a reason “I love college” was such a hit song and no, it isn’t because Asher Roth has any talent (remember him?) It’s because everyone loves college. Bar none. College is a four year long summer camp of fun, parties, and it’s productive. You take classes on what you want to do, grow up, learn, live, love, drink, drink more, and otherwise get to do whatever you want, with all the perks of adulthood and protected from all the lamer parts (taxes, gainful employment, waking up before noon.) No matter how long you have left, it’s something to savor.


2. Cheap Food

Give thanks for ramen, peanut-butter, pizza, fruit you smuggle back from the dining hall and all the rest. No, it isn’t Thanksgiving. But it keeps you alive at two in the morning, and for that, it’s worth being thankful for no matter what. Especially if you live in New York city and get to have really good late-night options, it’s worth tipping your non-pilgrim hat.


3. Your Friends.

Yeah, yeah, be grateful for family. But at college, your parents aren’t there with you (thank God.) But your friends become your family. It’s really something incredible- all these strangers from all over the world you just met- either a semester ago or a few years previous- are as inseparable to you as family. If you’re anything like me, your friends have introduced you to girls, lent you money, gotten you beer, covered for you in class, saved you from cops, fights, and often yourself, given you adventures, knowledge, and things to do, and for that, be permanently grateful. I mean, without your people college would just be textbooks and homework. Bleh. Friends are the reason college is college, and for that, I thank them.


4. Youth

I’m a senior in college. I’m a gray-haired veteran. I can’t keg-stand without hurting my back and I’m too old to rage my face off on a Tuesday. And I’m still young. Young enough to be stupid and young enough that it doesn’t even matter. If you’re a college student, chances are you’re as young or younger than I am. Isn’t that awesome? Old enough to do stuff, young enough to do stuff- and all the good stuff is still ahead of us. That’s something to take advantage of and be truly grateful for.


5. The College Experience.

Thanksgiving is great. But soon you’re going to miss college. Imagine telling that to yourself years ago- that you’d be missing school from vacation. That’s what college is. College is Hogwarts, except the magic is the people and the substances you enjoy. So savor it. When you’re back, hug your textbooks, friends, and dirty apartment. That’s college. And it’s a heck of a thing to have. All your uncles are crazy jealous.