Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to clean up your Facebook. We, as consumers of such a popular social networking site, tend to stack up the clutter that accumulates over time. There are many reasons why it would be a good idea to clean it up; here are three.

For potential employers

It’s becoming increasingly common for employers to check the Facebook profiles of those who seek jobs. As college students, we have to do everything that we can to ensure that we can get a job and start making a living. Not getting a job because our Facebook profile includes Farmville spam, bad grammar, or information that was omitted from your resume that happens to show up is unacceptable. To add to that, employers want to make sure that, if you’re hired, you won’t be a hazard to the work environment. So un-tag yourself from those pictures with alcohol in them. Make sure that you curb your Farmville usage, or at least make it a little bit more private. A simple profile that highlights some of the great experiences you’ve had is something that will make employers like you more.

To de-clutter

We all need to do some de-cluttering in our lives- online and off. When it comes to Facebook, you might have a ton of friends. These can be people that you used to be friends with in high school, family friends, family members, and those random people that see you in the cafeteria one day last semester that thinks that adding you is a good idea (and you accepted their request because you felt bad for them). There’s a saying going around that says, “nobody knows every single Facebook friend that they have in person.” I believe that saying. Sure, Facebook is a tool for you to keep in touch with old friends and creep on new ones, but I urge you to de-friend some of those that you don’t talk to anymore.

One strategy, although cruel, yet common and effective, would be to just de-friend people who it’s their birthday. I’m sure we’ve all done it before. I always check to see whose birthday it is. Then I proceed to either wish them the very best of birthdays or I de-friend them. The logic behind this would be to try to prove the quote above wrong. You don’t have to accept everyone who adds you.

Peace of mind

As a way of bringing more peace to your life, it might be a good idea to clean Facebook up. If you’re coming to the crossroads in life and you don’t know where to start when it comes to change, begin with Facebook. It’s the simplest way of changing. Go simple. Change everything that you have to simple things- your profile picture, your statuses (updated every once in a while instead of seven times a day), your “about me” section, etc. Do things that will bring you peace in your life, even if that means removing family members who bug you and any ex-significant others who cause your heart some hardship.

After some of these changes, your social networking integrity will improve. What are some other reasons why you should clean up your Facebook?