Living in an apartment that could double as a closet? Even the smallest of spaces can feel bigger with the help of a few clever tricks.

1. Add an oversize statement piece to each room.

Play with the scale of your room by choosing one oversize piece to serve as the focal point for the eye. Whether it’s an oversize, patterned area rug or a looming headboard that doubles as a piece of art, the statement piece will dwarf other decorations and make the room feel larger than it really is.

2. Choose a light color palette.

Choose a medley of light and pastel colors for the walls and most of the decorations used throughout your space to help create an airy and open aesthetic. Bold color-lovers need not fear; you can still sneak in a bright pop of color through design details like pillows or picture frames, or choose to repaint a piece of furniture like a bedside table or dresser.

3. Take advantage of open storage.

Pick up some industrial metal shelving or clear storage bins to steer clear of space-hogging storage options. Add baskets to hold office or kitchen staples and keep the look more personal than industrial with a few unique decorative pieces.

By switching up the materials and textures used throughout your rooms, you trick the eye to detect layers of movement and end up with a more lively and fluid space.

4. Hang mirrors across from windows.

Mirrors are a go-to trick for any designer working with a small space thanks to their ability to reflect light and bring more of it into the room. Maximize a mirror’s effect by hanging it across from a window so it will bring more natural light into the room and create the illusion of another “window” to the outdoors.

5. Place furniture at an angle when possible.

Situating large furniture pieces like couches and beds at an angle allows for a better layout flow in the room by bringing items to the center of the room rather than filling the edges. This trick uses the longest straight line in the room – the diagonal – to draw the eye through the space, and gives you more storage space either behind or next to the furniture.
About the Author: Caitlyn Finnegan is a senior journalism major at the University of Florida.  She hopes to continue to work with new media and develop creative content to help brands better connect with their audience. She currently interns for 407 Apartments and helps college students find the perfect Orlando apartment.