One of the biggest complaints often heard about Apple products over the years is the lack of compatibility its devices have with websites that use Flash, the multimedia platform used for many videos, games, animations, interactive sites and advertisements on the web. And while Flash support was typically seen as an advantage for Android smartphones and tablets, Google recently announced it would be dropping Flash from the Google Play store and have stopped supporting Flash content on the mobile version of their Chrome browser. While the launch of HTML5 and other more advanced coding languages have sought to replace the relatively-outdated Flash in recent times, its an undeniable fact that a fairly large chunk of the internet’s content relies on Flash, making online browsing with smartphones and tablets running either Android or iOS an occasionally frustrating endeavor.

Luckily, CloudMosa, a company specializing in web development for mobile devices, has launched a new browser called Puffin that allows smartphone and tablet users to access sites running Flash just like on a regular computer. That not only includes the ability to play full-screen videos, but also games and interactive sites that rely on Flash. To do so, CloudMosa created remote Flash execution technology, in which Flash is processed by Puffin’s own servers rather than on your own device, thus taking the difficult technological burden the off of your smartphone or tablet’s system entirely and staying within Apple’s hardline rule of not allowing any app that runs Flash in the iOS App Store.

Other features that make Puffin an attractive choice for your mobile browsing is the inclusion of a virtual trackpad, similar to what you would find on a laptop, which lets you perform actions like dragging and dropping that specifically require a mouse, and a virtual, customizable gamepad that simulates arrow keys, other buttons for online flash gaming.

Puffin is available for both iOS and Android devices for $2.99, but also offers a free version for those wishing to try the browser out.